Flange Weather Protection

 Open flanges are a major cause for entry of rainwater and debris.  Grinding or welding going on in your area…cover your carbon steel flange quickly with a magnetic protector.  Lunch time or change of shift, a magnetic protector is a simple, effective solution.  Inclement weather in the forecast, magnetic flange protectors stand at the ready.  flangeMAGS are simple to use and will keep both the flange face and  internals protected in a pinch.  If you are needing  to protect pipe internals or flange faces in tight spots, paddleMAGS have tabs that will help keep your hands out of the “line of fire”.  If critical flanges that cannot sustain potential impact damage need to be covered in short order, flangeMAGNUMS are the choice.  flangeMAGNUMS are made of flangeBUMPER material with a magnet backing for ease of application.

  • Quick and easy installation/removal for carbon steel applications
  • No fasteners required
  • Temporary flange protection for rain outs/weather events
  • Perfect short term protection during lunch and shift changes
  • Maintains internal cleanliness for pipe, equipment, valves, etc. during rain outs/weather events
  • FlangeMAGNUMS provide impact protection
  • PaddleMAGS have installation tabs that help prevent “line of fire” injuries. 
  • Provides harsh weather gasket protection

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