The integrity of a flange connection is critical to the fluids in a piping system, employee safety, and environmental protection. P3 offers a line of products specific to flange protection within corrosive weather conditions and polluted industrial environments.

Our products will not only protect your flanges but also allow for an easy inspection and maintenance process. Below is a combination of products you can count on to save you maintenance costs as well as keep your flanges protected under the toughest weather conditions. 

Flange Protection Against Corrosion:

flangeDOTS™ +Tag are made from the same self-adhesive material as our regular flangeDOTS with an adhesive tag that acts as an immediate reminder that it is in place. They are perfect for protecting flange faces from light mechanical damage, corrosion, and for protecting the interior of the spools or equipment from debris.

This perfect flange protector offers outstanding impact and corrosion protection but is still economical. They can withstand damaging blows, extreme temperatures, humid environments, and are able to be installed quickly and easily.

Made from the same tough, impact resistant material as our flangeBUMPERS™, and mated to a closed cell foam gasket. This gives you a water tight and air tight seal that preserves and protects your engine, sealing it off from potential rain and debris.

Contact us for more information on how P3 can help you apply the best flange protection against corrosion and harsh weather conditions.