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Encapsulation of Corrosion Inhibitors in Mechanical Equipment

Equipment purged with nitrogen will need to have N2 purge removed during piping connections, and in some cases, is not practical to re-purge. Fogging equipment with a product such as Cortec VpCI-337 and encapsulated with a flangeDOT+VCI/flangeDOT+Tag+VCI can protect project critical mechanical equipment for up to two years.


  • Graco Ultra 395 Airless Sprayer or equivalent with Graco Tip LTX#321 or equivalent (.021 max orifice)
  • Intrinsically safe exhaust fan or blower
  • VCI/VpCI Vapor Detection Test Kit
  • Flexible ducting to connect to fan/blower
  • Respirator, Cartridge, Half Face: 3M 3200 or 6500 series, or equivalent
  • Cortec VCI/VpCI Vapor Detection Test Kit
  • Cortec VpCI-337 or Cortec VpCI 337-Winterized(when ambient temperatures are below 40F)
  • 3M 483 Polyethylene Tape
  • flangeDOT+VCI or flangeDOT+Tag+VCI
  • Thermo Anemometer




  1. Connect exhaust fan and ducting ensuring all other openings are closed except entry/exit points
  2. Turn on exhaust fan
  3. Attach VpCI test strip using 3M tape to the outlet of blower/fan/air mover
  4. Verify cfm is approximately 100 cfm using anemometer
  5. Fog Cortec VpCI-337 per project fogging procedure ensuring VpCI test strip in outlet turns pink
  6. Fog the remainder of product per fogging procedure
  7. Encapsulate entry and outlet opening using flangeDOT+VCI/flangeDOT+Tag+VCI


*Ensure manufacturers short/long term preservation and storage procedures are followed...  Follow OEM recommendations where possible*




Mechanical Equipment- Encapsulation

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