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Protection Applications for piping assets during restoration after testing

Protecting your piping system post hydrostatic/pneumatic testing is critical to avoid rework. Flange connections and open pipe are commonplace during restoration.  Testing blinds are removed, pipe is dried and clean, assets are being put back into place…one rain shower can void all the hours previously spent. flangeDOT+Tag+VCI can be installed to keep the adjoining piping system clean and dry restoration.  flangeDOT+Tags are cost effective, simple preservation solutions, that in this case, saved both time and money. A flangeDOT/flangeDOT+Tag can be applied opposite a test package being hydrojetted(cleaned) to not affect restoration of an adjoining package.  As you can see, the flangeDOT/flangeDOT+Tag keeps water and debris from entering a piping system already cleaned and dried.  The last picture shows a test package being dried after cleaning.  A flangeDOT can be seen on the flange face opposite the duct.  Magnetic flangeMAGS are staged and are ready to be applied once drying is completed. Rain was expected that day, so weather mitigation stands at the ready!

  • Protection/preservation using peel and stick, and magnetic protection is key to avoid rework during restoration
  • Temporary protection is key when testing blinds are removed for restoration
  • VCI embedded in the adhesive(flangeDOTS/flangeDOTS+Tag) will protect the sealing surface until the final torquing is complete


Piping protection during restoration process Flange protection during restoration process Equipment protection during restoration process

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