Protection Applications for flanges

 Protecting raw materials before, during, and after the fabrication process is critical.  Damaging raw materials at the onset of the construction process can be very problematic. ANSI rated (peel and stick) flangeDOT/flangeDOT+VCI can be applied while a flange is being fitted/welded to a pipe spool.  Protecting the sealing surface of the  flange face is critical since the flange must be placed face down during the bevel preparation.  The flangeDOT/flangeDOT+VCI is not damaged during the welding process.

Protection Applications for raw pipe

Raw pipe, pipe elbows, etc. should have internal cleanliness maintained during the entirety of the fabrication process, not just during shipping. pipeCOVERS are weather resistant and protect raw pipe, pipe elbows, etc. from the onset of mill scale and rusting.  Stainless steel raw pipe materials should never have standing water inside due to a risk of Microbial Induced Corrosion(MIC).

  • Precision cut, no trimming of required
  • Protects the flange face when welding flanges to spools
  • No adhesive left behind after removal
  • pipeCOVERS keep the internals of raw pipe clean and dry.


More Information

For more information on protecting raw materials during the fabrication process, including best practices for inspecting loose flanges and storing materials, check out this informative blog post on procurement and raw materials. And, remember to consider products such as flangeDOT/flangeDOT+VCI for protecting flanges and pipeCOVERS for protecting raw pipes.

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