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 Blind flanges are best defined as solid flanges. They are typically used to block off sections or pipes or vessels and for flange protection during pressure tests in a plant. These flanges are also typically in raised faced or flat-faced form. Though they are commonlyused for sealing the ends of piping systems, blind flanges run the risk of falling off in storage, adding unnecessary weight with heavy metal composition, providing less security, higher corrosion rates, and sold at a much higher price point. Conversely, our Precision Piping Products’ flange protectors have been meticulously designed to avoid these issues at a lower cost.


Our flangeBUMPERS are made from a tough, rigid laminate that will maintain its strength in any environment.  They can be securely fastened in various ways to ensure that they remain in place to protect your flanges. Our flangeDOTS are self-adhesive, and will remain in place, even on a truck at highway speeds.  Not only do our products remain in place, but they offer unparalleled protection. When combined, our flangeDOTS and flangeBUMPERS can seal pipes and vessels, reducing or preventing corrosion, while also offering impact protection that only a blind flange can beat. 




P3 Rigid Flange ProtectionBlind Flanges
Cost-Effective Expensive
Durable May Fall Off
Strong Sealing Power Less Security
Lightweight Heavy Metals



 Advantages of flangeBUMPERS

  • Impact Absorbing
  • Lightweight
  • Reusable
  • UV Resistant
  • Mechanical Damage Protection
  • Simple Installation Process with multiNUTS or bolts

If you are in need of a cost-effective and highly durable alternative to blind flanges for the transportation, testing, and sealing of your flange and pipe products, Precision Piping Products are the option for you. Contact us today!

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