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Preserving Packaged Equipment- Skids

Packaged Equipment can contain a variety of equipment, valves, motors/pumps, exchangers, piping, etc.


  • Nitrogen or Vapor phase corrosion inhibitor to protect exchangers/vessel internals
  • Extreme outdoor corrosion inhibitor to coat/protect machined surfaces
  • VCI Detection Test Kit
  • Compatible grease/oil for pumps and motors
  • Straps to rotate driven equipment
  • Power cord/power supply
  • VCI Emitters to protect electrical devices
  • Megohmmeter
  • flangeDOT+VCI or flangeDOT+Tag+VCI
  • flangeBUMPER, flangeBUMPER+Gasket



1.        Monthly-Check equipment for N2 purge(re-purge as necessary) or vapor phase corrosion inhibitor viability using VCI test kits. Ensure all flanged pipe ends are covered with flangeDOT+VCI/flangeDOT+Tag+VCI and flangeBUMPER if vapor phase corrosion inhibitor is used for corrosion mitigation.

2.        Clean coat all exposed machined surfaces with an outdoor corrosion inhibitor and check monthly.
3.        Ensure motors/pumps have grease/oil present.  If motors/pumps will not be placed in use for an  extended period of time, install preservation  grease/oil is required as required by the manufacturer and  rotate 10 ½ turns monthly
4.        Install VCI emitters in all junction boxes and panels
5.        Connect all space heaters/anti-condensation heaters to power supply per vendors recommendation
6.        Yearly-Meger motors and change oil in driven equipment
7.        Monthly-Inspect packaged equipment/skids for signs of damage…ensure skid drains are open and not plugged. Inspect installed valves


*Ensure manufacturers short/long term preservation and storage procedures are followed...  Follow OEM recommendations where possible*


Packaged Equipment- Skids

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