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batROLLS™ + VCI – Self Adhesive Blast Tape Protection

batROLLS™ +VCI provide blast and corrosion protection of any critical surface areas. It is used most frequently during manufacturing, if you have machined surfaces that need protection during blasting and painting as well as storage. Our batROLLS are typically paired with our pipeCOVERS to keep them free of debris during shipping and storage.

This adhesive paint pipe protection tape is very easy to maneuver around edges, leaving fewer seams than a traditional masking method. It is also very simple to trim to the size and shape that best fits your needs.

Another feature of this product is that batROLLS™ +VCI can be cut to your specifications to increase efficiency and reduce waste. Standard sizes include 2”, 3”, 4”, and 6” widths.

We also offer 24”, 30” and 60” batROLLS™ +VCI that help add to the ease of covering larger surface areas. Alternate Sizes Available Upon Request - Minimum Quantities May Apply. Read more about our adhesive corrosion pipe protection tape below!

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Here are a few benefits to using batROLLS™ +VCI:

  • Simple to Apply
  • Leaves No Residue Behind
  • Mask Large Area Quickly
  • Only Requires One Layer
  • UV resistant
  • Prevents Corrosion with VCI Additive
  • Easy to Cut and Trim
  • Create a Clean Blast and Paint Line


BatROLLS, Heavy Duty Blasting & Painting Adhesive Tape Rolls BatROLLS, Blasting & Painting Adhesive Tape BatROLLS, Manufacturing Adhesive Tape Rolls Protection from Blasting & Painting
batRoll Part NumberbatRoll DimensionsQuote Request
P3-BR-035-60-45 60" x 45'   35mil RFQ
P3-BR-035-36-45 36" x 45'   35mil RFQ
P3-BR-035-30-45 30" x 45'   35mil RFQ
P3-BR-035-24-45 24" x 45'   35mil RFQ
P3-BR-035-02-45 1 case (14 rolls)   2" x 45'   35mil RFQ


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