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Preserving Flanged Pipe Spools

Pipe spool cleanliness is paramount for pipe spools associated with rotating equipment, process critical fluid codes, and stainless-steel pipe.  Keeping the flange face protected, and the pipe spool clean/dry/closed, will reduce flange refacing and excessive spool cleaning later.




  1. Blow out debris/water from pipe spool using a leaf blower
  2. Remove/clean any flange face surface rust using project approved rust remover
  3. Remove residual rust remover using project approved cleaner/degreaser
  4. Inspect flange face using P3 GIT using PCC-1 criteria
  5. Apply flangeDOT+VCI if in storage or laydown, or flangeDOT+VCI+Tag if at work front
  6. Apply correct size flangeCORR (medium impact protection) or a flangeBUMPER ( high impact protection) using multi-NUTS, zip ties, or bolts.


*Ensure manufacturers short/long term preservation and storage procedures are followed...  Follow OEM recommendations where possible*

Flanged Pipe Spool Preservation

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