flangeDOTS® +VCI – Self Adhesive Flange Protection

Protecting your piping system and mechanical equipment components from corrosion, damage and internal debris is essential to maintaining the integrity during all phases of fabrication and manufacturing especially the flange face during the blast and paint process. Damage to these items during this phase of your project can turn into a disaster quickly, costing you thousands in repairs and delays.

It is possible to protect your piping assets during each phase of your project.

flangeDOTS® are adhesive flange protectors that hold up to the most aggressive blast medias including shot blasting. They also keep unwanted debris out of all you piping components during these processes. When used with flangeBUMPERS® and multiNUTS™ they create an air-tight, water-tight seal at the flange face. And there’s more! flangeDOTS® can be installed and removed quickly. They have a water-based adhesive that is safe to use on all grades of steel and specialty metals including stainless steel. They are precision cut to fit the raised face surface and give you a clean paint edge. And there is just one more thing, we have added a VCI additive to the adhesive to keep the flange face from rusting. So now, even for short- and long-term storage, we believe flangeDOTS® +VCI are the most effective adhesive flange protector on the market today. This simple effective solution is changing the way you protect your piping and mechanical equipment flange faces against damage and corrosion.

Here are a few benefits to using flangeDOTS® +VCI:

  • Precision Cut – No Trimming Required
  • Only Seconds to Install and Remove
  • Faster & Easier than Traditional Methods
  • Leaves No Adhesive Behind – No Clean-up required
  • Increases Profit Margins and Eliminates Unnecessary Labor Costs
  • Leaves Professional Paint Edge
  • Can be used during Indoor or Outdoor Storage
  • Holds Up to the Most Aggressive Shot Blast
  • Works to preserve the flange face and the interior of the component
  • Prevents corrosion with the new VCI additive
  • Part of a patented preservation system
ASME / ANSI B16.5 Flange Dimensions
flangeDOTS® +VCI Part NumberNominal Pipe Size in InchesRaised Face Diameter in InchesQuote Request
P3-FD-035-00-2 1/2 1.375 RFQ
P3-FD-035-00-3 3/4 1.688 RFQ
P3-FD-035-01-0 1 2.000 RFQ
P3-FD-035-01-1 1 1/4 2.500 RFQ
P3-FD-035-01-2 1 1/2 2.875 RFQ
P3-FD-035-02-0 2 3.625 RFQ
P3-FD-035-02-2 2 1/2 4.125 RFQ
P3-FD-035-03-0 3 5.000 RFQ
P3-FD-035-03-2 3 1/2 5.500 RFQ
P3-FD-035-04-0 4 6.188 RFQ
P3-FD-035-05-0 5 7.313 RFQ
P3-FD-035-06-0 6 8.500 RFQ
P3-FD-035-08-0 8 10.625 RFQ
P3-FD-035-10-0 10 12.750 RFQ
P3-FD-035-12-0 12 15.000 RFQ
Larger Sizes Available Upon Request
Custom Printing available at additional cost

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    flangeDOTS® are a flexible self-adhesive Flange Protector designed to protect the gasket surface area of a raised face flange during sand, bead and shot blasting and painting. They also keep the inside of the pipe spools, valves and vessels free of blast and paint debris during the blasting, painting and coating process.

    We have tested flangeDOTS® with wind speed well over 100 MPH and find that our product will stay attached firmly.

    No, flangeDOTS® are designed as a peel and stick product. You just install it to a clean dry surface and it’s ready for blast and paint.

    Yes, flangeDOTS® are designed to be a Peel and Stick Adhesive Flange Protector with a proprietary pressure sensitive adhesive. You just remove the backer, align to the raised surface area of the flange and stick it. This will save countless hours in application time over conventional masking methods using layers and layers of tape and then trimming the tape to the raised surface area of the flange.

    flangeDOTS® peel off with relative ease and leave no glue residue behind. Compared to traditional masking methods like duct tape that leave large amounts of glue and residue behind, costing you additional time and money to clean the flange surface, flangeDOTS® will speed up your process and put more money on your bottom line.

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