Protection Applications for flanges and asset interiors during Painting & Coating

Painting flanged spools and valves places the critical flange sealing surface at risk if not properly covered. Traditionally, tape masking is used to cover the critical flange face sealing surface during the paint process. Tape masking is extremely time consuming and leaves the potential for portions of the flange face not to be not properly covered.  Additionally, not covering the flange opening when painting valves can allow paint splatter to find its way onto your valve seats. 

Leaking valves equals lost time and money. Precision Piping Products offers specific ANSI rated (peel and stick) flangeDOTS+VCI for all your blast needs.  Peel and stick equal a simple, effective solution!

  • Precision cut, no trimming of tape required
  • Leaves a clean, professional edge
  • No adhesive left behind after removal
  • Adhesive contains no chlorides (safe for stainless steel)



More Information

For more information on the risks of using tape masking during the blast and paint process for flanged spools and valves, as well as alternative solutions, check out this informative blog post on procurement and blast & paint. Precision Piping Products offers ANSI-rated flangeDOTS+VCI as a simple and effective solution to protect critical flange sealing surfaces without the need for time-consuming tape masking.

Adhesive protecting flange from painting Adhesive protecting flange from painting process close up of flange and pipe protection during painting process

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