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Our innovative products are able to be used on a variety of substrates without fear of damage or contamination. Our safe but powerful water based adhesives contain no carcinogens, no chlorides, and no caustics. Our products can be used on everything from carbon steel to stainless steels to aluminum to countless high-end alloys.

Carbon Steel Flange Protection

Our products are excellent for protecting carbon steel flanges. The adhesive used on flangeDOTS® and flangeRINGS™ is safe for use on carbon steel and leaves no residue. No residue means that expensive cleaners are not needed, and moisture isn’t introduced to the bare metal. flangeMAGS® are perfect for use with carbon steel flanges as an alternative.

Stainless Steel Flange Protection

flangeDOTS® and flangeRINGS™ are the ideal choice for stainless steel flanges. Our adhesives contain no carcinogens, no chlorides, and no caustics. Keep your stainless steel flanges stain free. Some types of stainless steel are magnetic and can be protected with our flangeMAGS®. When used in conjunction with flangeDOTS®, our flangeBUMPER® is safe for any material.

Specialty Metals Flange Protection

Keep your specialty metals protected! While our flangeMAGS® only work on ferritic alloys, our flangeDOTS®, flangeRINGS™, and flangeBUMPER® are all safe for use on every alloy we have come across. This includes titanium, trademarked alloys, aluminum, ferritic, austenitic, martensitic, duplex, and precipitation-hardened stainless steels.

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