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Prevent Corrosion, Flange Damage, and Debris

In Your Piping System


Prevent corrosion with our self-adhesive flangeDOTS®. They take seconds to install and have a VCI additive in the adhesive to keep the flange face from rusting. Learn More


Prevent flange damage with our rigid flangeBUMPER®. They are UV resistant, reusable, and easy to install with multiNUTS. Learn More


Prevent debris in your piping system with our pipeCOVERS. They are UV resistant and can easily be folded down for storage. Learn More

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Corrosion, flange damage and debris in your piping system are the three biggest villains you will face during your construction processes. You can stop them before they rob you of your profits, project schedule and reputation.

Implementing a piping protection & preservation plan doesn’t have to be overwhelming. We have simple effective solutions that are easy to implement and actually solve the problems you are facing. The ROI for many of our customers is 10x!

Benefits to Using Precision Piping Products

1. Stop Corrosion, Flange Damage & Debris in piping system.

2. Keeps your piping project on schedule and in budget.

3. Protect and Preserve Critical Surfaces and Internal Components.

4. Piping system protection & preservation products for every phase of your project.

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Defeatthe villains plaguing your piping system.

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