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Protection Applications for piping assets during pre-commissioning 

Valves dropped for steam blowing, flushing, etc., PRV removal, flanges opened for first fill of operating oil, instrumentation removal, spool removal, flanges opened for flushing connections, etc., are a few instances where project critical assets are removed for pre-commission activities. Preservation/Protection of these assets is of the upmost importance at this juncture. Damaging assets so close to commissioning/startup can be catastrophic to PIT(product in tank). flangeDOTS+VCI/flangeDOTS+Tag+VCI are easy to apply(peel and stick).  Impact protection can be accomplished using a flangeCORR(medium impact resistant) or a flangeBUMPER/flangeBUMPER+Gasket(high impact resistant). mockGASKETS can be used during instrument air blows to isolate/exclude areas from the blow path. Tripping and falling down at the finish line is a mistake you cannot afford. 


  • Products are all effective at keeping water out
  • Products are easy to install
  • mockGASKETS can be used for isolation during air blows
  • flangeCORR and flangeBUMPER/flangeBUMPER+Gasket provided impact protection for critical flanges
  • Magnets are key for short-term protection


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