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Protection Applications for piping assets during hydrostatic/pneumatic testing 

Hydrostatic testing can damage control valves and check valves if left in place during testing.  Critical valves must be excluded from your test packages. Leaving critical valves on the ground unprotected is yet another potential damage/cleanliness risk for critical components.Test blinds are removed and used on different test packages leaving flanges exposed and pipe/equipment open.  flangeDOTS and flangeDOTS + tags (peel and stick) along with paddleMAGS (magnetic) are the simple, effective solution for components removed for hydrostatic/pneumatic testing purposes. If impact protection is required, flangeBUMPERS + gasket is the preferred rigid protection option.  pipeCOVERS are a perfect option to cover open pipe where test caps and pipe plugs were used for blinding purposes and subsequently removed.

  • Magnetic Options available for temporary use
  • Covering flanged openings after testing/drying ensures the test package stays clean and dry post-test.
  • Products can be used to protect the sealing surface of test blinds to avoid leaks during testing


Equipment protected during the testing stage Assets protected during the testing stage Piping protection during the testing process

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