Pipe Cap Protectors

Water and debris in your piping components can be expensive to remove and cost you valuable time on your project schedule. Eliminate these issues with P3 pipeCOVERS.

Plastic pipe caps work great for small pipe, but for larger sizes, they are hard to find, hard to store and very expensive. Custom order, long lead time and quantity minimums are often associated with larger plastic pipe caps. Many plastic pipe caps crack and split from UV degradation. But not with P3 pipeCOVERS. They are UV resistant and 18” – 120” is our sweet spot, plus they take up about 1/10 the space in your storage area as bulky plastic caps.

Precision Piping Products pipeCOVERS, another Simple – Effective - Solution protecting and preserving of your piping system components.


Stop Debris in Your Piping System

Advantages to using P3 pipeCOVERS

  • Less expensive in larger sizes than plastic pipe cap.
  • Take up less space in your warehouse.
  • Available in days, not weeks and months.
  • UV resistant -- won't crack and split.
  • Works on beveled and threaded pipe.
  • Easy to install with P3 batROLLS

Keeping internal piping components clean on your construction projects is a must.

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