Protection Applications for piping assets during transport from offsite storage to onsite staging

Transporting assets from the warehouse/laydown yard, staging  areas, or to elevation using a crane can damage piping components and critical sealing surfaces.  Impact protection is  critical at this juncture of the construction process.  A flangeCORR provides medium impact protection for small bore flanges, while a flangeBUMPER/flangeBUMPER+Gasket provides the highest level of impact protection for flanges up to 120”.  Both a flangeCORR and a flangeBUMPER/flangeBUMPER+Gasket can be customized for small, nominal, or  alternating bolt hole patterns for all pressure classes. Multi-Nuts, standard nuts/bolts, or zip ties can be used to attach our flangeCORR and flange.

  • Multiple attachment options and bolt patterns
  • Products will not absorb water, swell, or warp like plywood or OSB.
  • Products are pressure class specific
  • Two impact protection options
  • Products are available from 1/2” thru 120”
  • Protect piping during shipping & transportation



More Information

For insights on the crucial aspects of transportation and shipping in procurement, including preservation considerations for module transport, material withdrawal requests, staging areas, and storage conditions at the construction work front, check out this informative blog post on procurement and transport.


Flange with surface protection ready for transport Flange with surface protection Equipment with surface protection ready for transport

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