flangeRINGS™ were created in the wake of the growing popularity and success of P3 flangeDOTS®. Made out of the same self-adhesive, blast proof material, the flangeRINGS™ have an open bore, creating a donut or ring shape, to allow blasting of interior while protecting the gasket seat surface. This allows you access to the interior of pipe spools and vessels during welding, fabrication, inspections and cleaning.

  • Fast & Easy Installation and Removal
  • No Adhesive Left Behind – No Clean Up
  • Immediate ROI – Eliminates Unnecessary Labor Costs
  • Precision Cut for Exact Fit – No Trimming
  • Leave Professional Paint Edge
  • Can Be Used During Indoor or Outdoor Storage

If the interior of the product does not need protection or you need access to the interior of the item, this is the product for you. This is the simplest form of flange face protection against mechanical damage. To protect the interior, simply replace the flangeRINGS™ with a flangeDOTS® and you have the most protection you can get in a self-adhesive flange protector.

ASME / ANSI B16.5 Flange Dimensions
Pressure Class: 150
flangeRINGS Part NumberNominal Pipe Size (Inches)Outer Diameter (Inches)
P3-FR-035-00-2 1/2 1.375
P3-FR-035-00-3 3/4 1.688
P3-FR-035-01-0 1 2.000
P3-FR-035-01-1 1 1/4 2.500
P3-FR-035-01-2 1 1/2 2.875
PP3-FR-035-02-0 2 3.625
P3-FR-035-02-2 2 1/2 4.125
PP3-FR-035-03-0 3 5.000
P3-FR-035-03-2 3 1/2 5.500
P3-FR-035-04-0 4 6.188
P3-FR-035-05-0 5 7.313
P3-FR-035-06-0 6 8.500
P3-FR-035-08-0 8 10.625
P3-FR-035-10-0 10 12.750
P3-FR-035-12-0 12 15.000
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