Protection Applications for piping assets during construction site installations 

Critical spools, valves, and equipment can take time to install. Welding supports, alignment, torquing, etc. all take time. Support materials such as piping components, bolts, gaskets could be in short supply and pipe installation can push longer than expected to get to the testing phase of construction.  Protecting your assets at this juncture is paramount to keeping assets protected along with keeping piping systems clean. Leaving an opening uncovered…even for only a few hours, can cause years of preservation to be voided in a few short hours. flangeDOT+/flangeDOT+Tag+VCI, flangeBUMPER/flangeBUMPER+Gasket, flangeCORR, pipeCOVERS, and flange/paddleMAGS are critical tools in the fight to keep construction assets clean, dry, and closed. 

  • Products are all effective at keeping water out
  • Products are easy to install
  • flangeDOT material has a corrosion inhibitor embedded in the adhesive for corrosion protection
  • flangeCORR and flangeBUMPER/flangeBUMPER+Gasket provided impact protection for critical flanges
  • Magnets are key for temporary and short term protection


Install Install 2 Install 3

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