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Keep your Stainless Steel flanges free of stain, nicks and dings with steel flange protection products from P3. Our flangeDOTS® are safe for use on stainless, with a chloride-free, caustic-free, and carcinogen-free adhesive that is powerful enough to stay on your Stainless Flanges in the harshest conditions, yet leaves no residue after removal.

When used in conjunction with out flangeDOTS®, flangeBUMPER® is perfect if you need safe guarding from heavy bumps, mechanical damage, long term storage or preservation.

Stainless Steel flanges and piping are used in many industries including Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Military & Defense, Nuclear Power and even some specialty Instrumentation & Industrial Automation. Protecting the machined surface of the flange face from mechanical damage and keeping debris out of the inside of these expensive assets is critical during all phases of fabrication, construction, shipping, and long-term storage. Our patented preservation system creates an air-tight, water-tight seal keeping the internal clean and dry, while protecting the critical surfaces from scratches, dints, and dings. The adhesive on our flangeDOTS® is safe to use on stainless with no chlorides, caustics, or carcinogens. It is powerful enough to stay on your stainless flanges in the harshest conditions yet leaves no residue behind after removal. Even after being run through a high temperature over to cure coatings.

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We help oil & gas related companies
Protect assets while increasing throughput
With innovative preservation products and processes
So, they can build more in less time.

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