flangePORTHOLE – CLEAR Rigid Flange Protection with gasket

Our flangePORTHOLE provides unparalleled protection in an affordable and lightweight package. The flangePORTHOLE is clear, allowing for ease of inspection for both the raised face sealing surface, and the interior of your piping system. This rigid flange protector can withstand damaging blows, extreme temperatures, humid environments, and can be installed quickly and easily. 

Removal of flange preservation products is no longer necessary to check flange face viability and pipe cleanliness. The gasket of the flangePORTHOLE does not come in direct contact with the flange sealing surface, so cure times for corrosion inhibitors is no longer an issue.

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Here are a few benefits to using flangePORTHOLE:

  • Provides superior protection against mechanical damage
    • Flange face sealing surface is visible
    • Internals are visible
  • Easily connected using our multiNUTS or UV rated zip ties
  • Lightweight
    • Lifting lugs/lifting plans are not required to install or remove product
    • Reduces pinch point safety hazards
  • Available in sizes  from ½”-120” in all pressure classes
  • Gasket does not come in contact with the flange sealing surface.
  • Cure times for flange face corrosion inhibitors are no longer an issue.
  • Will not warp, crack, or split


Before attaching our flangePORTHOLE…Clean, Inspect, Protect

Then add a corrosion inhibitor to the flange face to prevent corrosion. 



flangePORTHOLE 1 flangePORTHOLE 2
ASME / ANSI B16.5 Flange Dimensions
Pressure Class: 150
flangeBUMPER® Part Number NPS (Inches) OD (Inches) multiNUTS Size Screw Length Quote Request
P3-FP-736-00-2-0150 1/2 3.50 Small 1.00 RFQ
P3-FP-736-00-3-0150 3/4 3.88 Small 1.00 RFQ
P3-FP-736-01-0-0150 1 4.25 Small 1.00 RFQ
P3-FP-736-01-1-0150 1 1/4 4.63 Small 1.00 RFQ
P3-FP-736-01-2-0150 1 1/2 5.00 Small 1.00 RFQ
P3-FP-736-02-0-0150 2 6.00 Medium 2.00 RFQ
P3-FP-736-02-2-0150 2 1/2 7.00 Medium 2.00 RFQ
P3-FP-736-03-0-0150 3 7.50 Medium 2.00 RFQ
P3-FP-736-03-2-0150 3 1/2 8.50 Medium 2.00 RFQ
P3-FP-736-04-0-0150 4 9.00 Medium 2.00 RFQ
P3-FP-736-05-0-0150 5 10.00 Medium 2.00 RFQ
P3-FP-736-06-0-0150 6 11.00 Medium 2.00 RFQ
P3-FP-736-08-0-0150 8 13.50 Medium 2.50 RFQ
P3-FP-736-10-0-0150 10 16.00 Medium 2.50 RFQ
P3-FP-736-12-0-0150 12 19.00 Medium 2.50 RFQ


For additional pressure classes please see the product data sheet.

flangePORTHOLE is the next best thing to a blind flange when it comes to protecting flange faces. It is more affordable, lightweight and installs easily.

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