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flangeBUMPER® – Rigid Flange Protection

Our flangeBUMPERS are manufactured from a tough rigid laminate to specifications of pipe size and pressure class. Our patent pending flangeBUMPER® is designed to protect the gasket surface area of a raised face flange against mechanical damage that commonly occurs during fabrication, staging, shipping and storage.

Used in our Patented Preservation System, our flangeBUMPER® can give you a watertight and airtight seal that preserves your flange face and interior of your equipment during long-term storage. If you are looking for extreme but necessary flange protection, look no further, flangeBUMPER® is your answer.

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Here are a few benefits to using flangeBUMPER®:

  • Less Expensive than Alternatives
  • Lightweight compared to steel plates or blind flanges
  • Easy to install with UV multiNUTS
  • Reusable
  • Will Not warp, crack, split or absorb moisture
  • Approved for international shipping
  • Protects from Mechanical Damage during fabrication, staging, shipping and storage
  • Stronger and More Durable than Plastic and Press Board Protectors


Flange Bumper, Protection Against Mechanical Damage on Flange Face Surface Flange Bumper, Heavy Duty Flange Face Surface Protection Flange Bumper, Durable Flange Face Protection
ASME / ANSI B16.5 Flange Dimensions
Pressure Class: 150
flangeBUMPER® Part Number NPS (Inches) OD (Inches) multiNUTS Size Screw Length Quote Request
P3-FB-118-00-2-0150 1/2 3.50 Small 1.00 RFQ
P3-FB-118-00-3-0150 3/4 3.88 Small 1.00 RFQ
P3-FB-118-01-0-0150 1 4.25 Small 1.00 RFQ
P3-FB-118-01-1-0150 1 1/4 4.63 Small 1.00 RFQ
P3-FB-118-01-2-0150 1 1/2 5.00 Small 1.00 RFQ
P3-FB-118-02-0-0150 2 6.00 Medium 2.00 RFQ
P3-FB-118-02-2-0150 2 1/2 7.00 Medium 2.00 RFQ
P3-FB-118-03-0-0150 3 7.50 Medium 2.00 RFQ
P3-FB-118-03-2-0150 3 1/2 8.50 Medium 2.00 RFQ
P3-FB-118-04-0-0150 4 9.00 Medium 2.00 RFQ
P3-FB-118-05-0-0150 5 10.00 Medium 2.00 RFQ
P3-FB-118-06-0-0150 6 11.00 Medium 2.00 RFQ
P3-FB-118-08-0-0150 8 13.50 Medium 2.50 RFQ
P3-FB-118-10-0-0150 10 16.00 Medium 2.50 RFQ
P3-FB-118-12-0-0150 12 19.00 Medium 2.50 RFQ


For additional pressure classes please see the product data sheet.

flangeBUMPER® is the next best thing to a blind flange when it comes to protecting flange faces. It is more affordable, lightweight and installs easily.

Visit our Preservation page to learn more about combining this product with our flangeDOT® for the ultimate level of protection or preservation.

We help oil & gas related companies
Protect assets while increasing throughput
With innovative preservation products and processes
So, they can build more in less time.

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    Our flangeBUMPERS® are a lightweight, weatherproof, composite flange protector that is capable of withstanding extreme impact forces. They rival the protection of blind flanges at a fraction of the weight and price.

    flangeBUMPERS® are capable of withstanding well over 9200lbs of impact force without damaging the flange face.

    Yes, we certainly can. Minimum quantities or fees may apply. Contact us to find out more.

    Our flangeBUMPERS® can be attached in multiple ways to achieve the same level of protection. Our multiNUTS™ are the ideal and most secure way of attaching them, but full-sized bolt/studs can be used, as can zip ties/cable ties. 

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