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flangeMAGS® - Magnetic Flange Protection

flangeMAGS® are designed to protect the gasket surface area of a raised face (RF) flange and ring type joint (RTJ) flange. They also protect the interior of pipe spools and vessels during fabrication and service. flangeMAGS®, along with their easy installation and removal, can be most utilized when you need quick protection from flange face damage. It is also very simple to gain access to the interior of the pipe spool or vessel with the use of this product. Our magnetic protection is reusable and easy to store in a warehouse.

flangeMAGS® have undergone rigorous testing and development to ensure the perfect design. Just place the flangeMAGS® on carbon-steel flanges and it will stick and hold until you are ready to install the component you are servicing. This product can be used during the welding and fabrication process, as well as staging awaiting blast and paint to keep contamination out of your steel components. 

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A few of the key benefits of flangeMAGS®:

  • 2 in 1 carbon steel magnetic protection
    • Protects against flange damage
    • Provides cleanliness protection (FME Benefit)
  • Ideal flange protection for CS valves dropped for hydrostatic testing
  • Perfect preservation tool for use during fabrication   
  • Weather mitigation, lunch time, and end of shift protection
  • Most corrosion inhibitors do not have to be removed for flangeMAGS to “stick”
  • Reusable
  • Available in all pipe sizes/pressure classes
  • Custom Sizes Available
  • Logo Customization Available for a 5% Price Increase


When using our flangesMAGS…Clean, Inspect, Protect

  1. Clean flange face if necessary
  2. Inspect flange face using P3-GIT
  3. Ensure pipe is free from water, debris, and contamination
  4. Apply paddleMAG to carbon steel flange






Various sizes of Magnetic Flange Protections FlangeMags, Magnetic Flange Protection


ASME / ANSI B16.5 Flange Dimensions
flangeMAGS® Part NumberNominal Pipe Size in InchesRaised Face Diameter in InchesQuote Request
P3-FM-030-00-2 1/2 1.375 RFQ
P3-FM-030-00-3 3/4 1.688 RFQ
P3-FM-030-01-0 1 2.000 RFQ
P3-FM-030-01-1 1 1/4 2.500 RFQ
P3-FM-030-01-2 1 1/2 2.875 RFQ
P3-FM-030-02-0 2 3.625 RFQ
P3-FM-030-02-2 2 1/2 4.125 RFQ
P3-FM-030-03-0 3 5.000 RFQ
P3-FM-030-03-2 3 1/2 5.500 RFQ
P3-FM-030-04-0 4 6.188 RFQ
P3-FM-030-05-0 5 7.313 RFQ
P3-FM-030-06-0 6 8.500 RFQ
P3-FM-030-08-0 8 10.625 RFQ
P3-FM-030-10-0 10 12.750 RFQ
P3-FM-030-12-0 12 15.000 RFQ

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