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Protection Applications for flanges, raw pipe, and asset interiors during Short and Long Term Storage

Project Assets can be in storage for both long and short durations. Warehouses at construction locations are not large enough to place construction assets indoors. Properly protecting construction assets for extended durations in outdoor environments is critical to maintaining asset viability.  Flanged assets need both the flange face sealing surface as well as the internals of the asset protected.  flangeDOTs+VCI coupled with a flangeCORR or flangeBUMPER with a multi-NUT fastener will provide long term protection in harsh outdoor conditions.  Dunnage height is critical for both long/short-term durations.  4-6”  dunnage height should provide adequate elevation from grade during extreme rain events.  Assets such as valves shipped in wooden crates should have additional covering such as 8-10mil thick shrink wrap covering the shipping crate due to plywood degradation.  Valves stored outdoors for short durations should also have additional covering such VCI “heat shrink” film to provide both a tight seal and UV protection. 

The adhesive in flangeDOTS+VCI not only contain a VCI additive, but the adhesive can also be used to affix VCI emitter cups for added protection to valve internals. flangeDOTS+VCI and be used to help encapsulate vapor phase corrosion protection products for long term corrosion protection of sensitive asset internals. 

Un-flanged pipe spools can be protected long term by covering the ends with pipeCOVERS.  pipeCOVERS withstand extreme outdoor environments and are UV resistant and will not crack or ribbon in extreme outdoor environments. batROLL tape is excellent to attach the pipeCOVER and will not leave sticky adhesive or degrade in the sun such as Duct tape.  4-6” dunnage height is also critical for both short/long term storage of pipe spools.


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