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Preserving Valves

Valves are one of the most numerous assets on any project. Valves come in many types(ball, globe, gate, butterfly, etc.) and have several modes of operation(manual, pneumatic, motor operated, etc.). Valves can have extensive lead times for repair/replacement and can be difficult to reface if damaged.  Protecting these assets is critical to project success. Learn more about our piping asset preservation for valves below!


  1. Inspect valve for any signs of damage
  2. Clean flange face using appropriate methods
  3. Inspect valve flange face using a gramophone inspection tool (GIT).
  4. Ensure internal of valve is free from debris/water
  5. Apply flangeDOT+VCI/flangeBUMPER/multi-NUTS
  6. Inspect/clean/coat valve stem with a corrosion inhibitor
  7. Ensure any tubing connections, etc. are covered/closed.
  8. If valve is to be stored outdoors, ensure dunnage height is a minimum of 4-6”.
  9. If an actuated valve is stored on dunnage, ensure the actuator is not used to lift or support the weight of the valve.

*Ensure manufacturers short/long term preservation and storage procedures are followed.  Manually operating or valve stroking may be required periodically…see OEM for reference*






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