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 These inexpensive, cheap flange protectors can easily fall off in storage, or even worse, during transportation. Falling off means no protection, and even minor damage can negate the savings from cheaper protectors.  When the cheap flange protectors do stay put, they are significantly less effective when compared with any of our flange protectors. They are not able to seal the pipe, vessel, or equipment, allowing moisture and particles to enter the interiors. Contamination and moisture can cause expensive corrosion or require extensive clean-up. Furthermore, if an impact does occur, these cheap flange protectors split easily, and are not able to distribute or absorb much energy. This energy gets transmitted directly to the flange face, causing damage to critical surfaces.  Another factor to consider is the effect of the sun’s UV rays on the protector. Many of these cheap flange protectors are made of plastics that will degrade with UV exposure, often becoming so brittle that they no longer are able to offer any protection. Conversely, our Precision Piping Products’ flange protectors have been meticulously designed to avoid these issues.

P3 Self Adhesive Flange ProtectionPlastic Flange Covers
Leave behind no adhesive Warp and crack
Precision cut- No trimming required Tabs break off
VCI additive prevents corrosion Holds moisture against flange face
UV Resistant Size is not clearly labeled 


Our flangeBUMPERS are made from a tough, rigid laminate that will maintain its strength in any environment.  They can be securely fastened in various ways to ensure that they remain in place to protect your flanges. Our flangeDOTS are self-adhesive, and will remain in place, even on a truck at highway speeds.  Not only do our products remain in place, but they offer unparalleled protection. When combined, our flangeDOTS and flangeBUMPERS can seal pipes and vessels, reducing or preventing corrosion, while also offering impact protection that only a blind flange can beat.  The combination excels at absorbing and distributing impacts, yet is light enough for a single person to install. On top of that, the reduced up-front cost when compared to blind flanges is staggering.  Furthermore, our unique products will not degrade in sunlight or corrode, making them the perfect choice.  Overall, our products offer the best protection possible while keeping total costs low, not just up-front costs like cheap and ineffective alternatives.

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