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Build More with Less (In Less Time)!

As a manufacturer/fabricator for the O&G industry, lower feedstock prices mean everyone is looking for lower cost & efficiencies. Those expectations fall right to the supply chain. So how do you build your product, without sacrificing quality, and stay competitive in this market? Build More in less time! We can help you move more product through your existing facility with the same or less labor, faster! 


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In the Man/Fab process, if the flange face of a pipe spool, valve, or piece of mechanical equipment gets damaged during machining, welding, assembly, packaging, or shipping, it has to go back through the process to be repaired and many times at a much slower pace. Protecting the flange face and internal components during the Man/Fab process is critical. But How?

There is now a way you can significantly reduce if not eliminate flange face and internal damage during Man/Fab, allowing you to get more product out the door. Using this process, you will all but eliminate the need for removing corrosion, resurfacing flanges, and cleaning debris from your piping system components. What does this look like for you and your Man/Fab facility?

Our products and patented preservation system will allow you to achieve all this and more! They are designed to protect and preserve during every phase of your manufacturing and fabrication as well as shipping and even long-term storage.

Our products have a proven track record with Man/Fab such as Archrock, Cameron, Schlumberger, Exterran, Epic Piping, GIS, Gulf Island, Solar Turbines, AG, and many more… We can help you save time, save money, and produce more products in the same amount of time!

piping component manufacturers and fabricators in Oil and Gas protect piping assets.


Contact us today and protect and preserve your piping components and mechanical equipment.

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