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Flange Protection During Blast & Paint

Preparation for your Blasting and Painting processes takes a tremendous amount of time. Most companies use duct tape or a similar product applying multiple layers, spending 75-80% of their time masking and 20-25% of their time blasting and painting. Then spend another block of time cleaning up after removal due to residue left behind.

Flange Protection for Abrasive Blasting

Precision Piping Products provide reliable flange and pipe protection during abrasive blasting processes. Abrasive blasting is often referred to as sand blasting and is utilized to smooth out and polish rough surfaces for surface preparation and painting. The blasting process itself requires a lot of pressure to push out the blasting media and to remove impurities.

Our flange protection products provide protection for a variety of sandblasting methods, including:

  • Silica sand or Silicon Dioxide
  • Soda
  • Steel grit
  • Glass Bead
  • Bristle Blasting

During these blasting processes, adhesive flange protectors protect both the flange face as well as the inside of pipe spools, valves, vessels or equipment from blasting media debris.


Abrasive Blasting Industries

Not only do Precision Piping Products provide unmatched protection for your flange products, but they can also be used for blast and paint in a wide range of industries. These industries include:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Metalworking
  • Chemical Processing
  • Automotive
  • Aviation

Blasting is necessary for surface preparation so it is imperative to find a product that allows the blasting process to work effectively without damaging the flanges and piping products.

Let Precision Piping Products (P3) show you how to cut you’re masking time by 75-85% reducing your masking labor but more importantly increasing the amount of items you get to your blast and paint team each day by up to 400% using our product flangeDOTS®.

Increase your profits when you do more with less!!!  Not to mention you have to trim duct tape with a blade and it promotes corrosion. flangeDOTS® cut to the proper size will help to prevent corrosion. flangeDOTS® pay for themselves multiple times in savings, and can help you be more productive in your blasting and coating processes.

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