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What is VCI? | Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor

Aug 04, 2021




What is a VCI?

We have a Cortec VCI additive in the adhesive of our flangeDOTS, flangeDOTS+Tag, and flangeRINGS! If you use these products with a VCI additive, you don’t need to apply anything directly to the flange face. But what is a VCI?

VCI stands for “volatile corrosion inhibitor”, it protects metals from rust and corrosion, which ultimately saves you valuable time and money. A VCI only protects the metal that it comes in contact with, it does not emit vapors that will protect the inside of your equipment. The good news is that we eliminated a step for you and put VCI in these products so that you don’t have to worry about rust! Yes, it really is that easy. You just clean and inspect the flange face for damage and stick them on. And remember, when you remove them, they leave no residue behind for you to have to clean off your flange face.

Clean, inspect, protect!

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