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What is Confined Space Entry?

Apr 19, 2022


What is Confined Space Entry? 

Now what exactly is a confined space entry? Well, it is a space that has limited/restricted entry and exit points. And due to these specific types of limited openings, ventilation can be problematic. Only authorized individuals are permitted to enter a confined space. Each person must know the hazards associated with that confined space. Typically, confined space in piping starts out at 18”.

Because of all of the potential hazards that come with confined spaces we have added warnings on our flangeBUMPERS starting at 18” and goes all the way up to 120”. As you can see these warnings are big, to make sure that everyone in this area is aware of the hazard. There are also two types of confined space, one requires a permit, and the other does not. And keep in mind that just because a work area is a confined space, does not mean it is subject to the same safety standards as all the other ones.

Another important thing to remember is that you ALWAYS need someone to watch the whole while you are working and signage around the area is always required.

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