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Apr 05, 2022

What is an exclusion zone?

An exclusion zone is used in construction to prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing a hazardous area. The size of your exclusion zone is typically a minimum of 15ft, but if the hazard is greater than the zone will be bigger.

Now we are going to show you guys how to make one. The things you will need are red safety chain, cones, and signage to put on each point of your exclusion zone. Let’s just say that we are about to jet this pipe. So, our exclusion zone would have to be 15ft. We measure 15ft away from our pipe spool in 4 spots and place cones to indicate where it ends. Next, we are going to take our red chain and attach it to the top of each cone creating a large square.

Next, we are going to take our signage and place one at each corner of our exclusion zone. Now your exclusion zone is done! This zone should NEVER be left unattended, and the only people that need to do work in this area are allowed to enter. If someone needs to enter this area to perform an inspection, they MUST be informed of the hazard and sign an identification card before they can enter. Also, am important thing to remember is that if your exclusion zone is at a raised elevation, for example on top of scaffolding, the area ABOVE and BELOW is also part of your exclusion zone.

Alright guys that’s it! Make sure that you are always following proper safety procedures when on constructions sites.

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