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Velocity Blow using a flangeBUMPER

Aug 13, 2021


How do you use a flangeBUMPER in a velocity blow?

You are going to need a drill or screwdriver, a batROLL, for this size of flange small & medium multiNUTS, and a flangeBUMPER. Here we have our mock pipe spool and a bucket to catch the debris. As you can see the inside of our pipe is dirty, so we are going to blow it out with air. Our first attempt without the flangeBUMPER. As you can see all the debris missed the bucket and shot straight out. This serves as a major safety hazard and typically during velocity blows like this you are required to rope off a 15ft exclusion zone in all directions. Meaning no one is allowed to work within this 15ft radius for safety.

Now we are going to apply our flangeBUMPER and shrink that 15ft exclusion zone to only 3ft! We are attaching the medium multiNUTS backwards to ensure that nothing touches the flange face. Then we will secure the flangeBUMPER onto the pipe spool with our small multiNUTS facing the correct way, with the smallest part of the multiNUTS facing the bolt hole. Finally, we mask off the top of the flangeBUMPER with a piece of batROLL. Make sure that do NOT wrap the batROLL all the way around. You want an opening at the bottom for the debris to fall out off. The difference is mind blowing, all of the debris falls directly into the bucket!  

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