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Total Preservation System

Jun 16, 2021







What is the P3 Total Preservation System?

When bolted up 100% our preservation system creates a water and airtight seal. It stops corrosion, prevents from flange damage, and keeps debris out of your piping system. Now each component of this system has its own separate video so make sure that you guys check those out if you want more information about each separate product.

The system begins with our flangeDOTS or flangeDOT+Tag. We recommend for long term storage that you use the DOT + Tag because it has a visual indicator that the dot has been left on. Next is our flangeBUMPER, our bumper provides ridge impact protection and allows for the flangeDOT to hold a higher pressure. Finally, we attached the bumper with our multiNUTS and screws. These can be tightened with a screwdriver or drill, just make sure not to over tighten them. After that you are set for maximum preservation! 


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