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What are the Top 10 Causes of Flange Damage?

Feb 20, 2024

Top 10 Causes of Flange Damage 

Flanges are a crucial component in piping systems and should be properly maintained and preserved in order for the system to operate effectively. Either in the field or in storage flanges are very susceptible to damage due to various factors. This blog post will discuss the top 10 causes of flange damage and provide insights on how these issues can be prevented.

1: Improperly Applied Preservation 

Improperly applied preservation leads to the most comment cause of flange damage which is corrosion. Corrosion occurs when moisture sits on the metal surface of the flange for too long which causes the metal to begin degrading and pitting. 

2: Overloading

Excessive pressure placed on a flange face or joint cause cause deformation or bolt failure. 

3: Improper flange Cleaning 

Flanges can easily get damaged while being cleaned due to abrasive chemicals or tools. 

4: Chemical Exposure

Exposure to corrosive chemicals can deteriorate the flange face cause the groves in the gramophone to weaken or corrode. 

5: Poor Storage Conditions 

If flanges are not storaged properly weather conditions such as rain or freezing temperatures can cause flanges to rust. 

6: Improper Drying/Cure Time of Preservative 

It is important to understand the dry time of any preservation solutions you may be using. If the solution does not get the proper cure time it will not preform correctly and overtime the flange will become damaged. 

7: Loose Torquing on Bolts

Loose torquing on the bolts connecting flanges causes vibration, leading to leaks and poses as a major safety hazard for the crew. 

8: Improper Handling 

Since the groves on the flange face are so crucial they should NOT be stack on top of one another without anything protecting the gramophone. 

9: No Formal Standards or Guides for Team Performing the work

In order to avoid the most re-work and downtime on a project it is important to educate your team on not only the important of protecting your flanges but how to properly protect them based on the applications being done. You can educate your team by conducting safety meetings, on the job training, providing toolbox talks, etc. 

10: Lack of Maintenance

Neglecting regular inspections, maintenance, or repairs of flanges can result in a wide variety of issues that can escalate into sever damage over time. 

Damaged Raised Face Flange



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