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Stainless & Carbon Steel Cross Contamination

Jan 18, 2022


Stainless & Carbon Steel Cross Contamination 

Now here we have a stainless-steel flange and a carbon steel flange. Carbon steel flanges like these are prone to rusting if they are not properly protected. Whereas stainless-steel flanges typically do not rust unless they are contaminated by carbon steel.

Stainless and carbon steel flanges should never be shipped on the same pallet or stored on top of each other, because when the two metals are mixed they cause each other to rust. The tools that you typically use on these flanges should be color coded to ensure that they are only use for one type of flange.

Here we are using blue to represent stainless-steel and red to represent carbon steel. Tools such as scotch pads, wire brushes, and grinding disks should be painted or marked with tape to ensure that no cross contamination takes place. Make sure that the tape or paint is very visible on each tool or piece of equipment.

Alright guys, that’s it!

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