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Safety Features of flangeDOTS

Nov 17, 2021


Safety Features of flangeDOTS

Each year almost half of the injuries that occur on a construction site are hand injuries. The number one hand injury is due to lacerations. How do you avoid lacerations? You get minimize the use of box cutters as much as possible. Our flangeDOTS are precision cut, so NO box cutter is required to install or remove them. You simply peel and stick them onto the flange face.

Another crucial safety aspect flangeDOT help you avoid is rework of flanges. Rework=Risk! Anytime you must reface a flange risk is involved. Our flangeDOTS have a VCI additive in the adhesive so you can avoid rework and the risks associated with it.

You also do not have to clean the inside of the pipe because the DOT keeps debris and water out. So, you do not have to experience the risks and time it takes to clean the inside of the pipe.  

Alright guys that’s it! Make sure that when you are in the field that you are always wear the proper safety gear.


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