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Protecting Tack Welded Flanges

Feb 15, 2022


Here is how to protect Tack Welded Flanges

Alright so here we have the flange that we will be welding. We are going to align the loose flange with the pipe and place 4 tack along the seam to ensure that it is held in place. The purpose of tack welding on loose flange is so that they stay in place during shipping. It is important that these flanges remain in their place because they will be aligned and welded completely when they reach their destination.

Next, we want to protect our seam from water and moisture in the air that can get into the piping asset. To do this we are taking our batROLL and wrapping it around the seam, making sure that it is completely covered. Our batROLL has a VCI additive in the adhesive to prevent your assets from rusting during shipping.

Now this flange is ready to safely be shipped! Alright guys, that’s it. Make sure when you are welding, that you are always following HSE safety guidelines.

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