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Proper Valve Handle Lineup for Hydrotesting

Aug 02, 2022

Proper Valve Handle Lineup for Hydrotesting

When leaving valves inline for hydro testing, you need to make sure the valve is fully open or closed. One of the more common mistakes when setting valve position during hydro testing, is incorrectly installing the valve handle.

If the valve handle is installed incorrectly, the locking holes in the plate are not always visible.  If a valve is supposed to be closed during hydro testing, but is left slightly open, “leak by” will occur resulting in a drop in test pressure. If a valve is supposed to be fully open per hydrotesting valve lineup, and the valve is slightly closed, the contamination can find its way into the valve seat causing damage.

Here we are showing the proper way to install the valve handle, the most important thing to remember here is that the locking holes are inline with one another. Installing hydro tags indicating valve position in place during hydrotesting is a critical step that cannot be skipped.  Here we are using orange tags (orange is generally used for components during hydro testing) indicating the correct valve position, contact person, date, and hydro package number.

This tag is indicating that the valve is closed and ready for hydrotesting and this tag is indicating that the valve is open. Once the hydro test is completed, don’t forget to remove your orange tags. Always make sure that you tighten that tag as much as possible to avoid someone turning the handle like this.



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