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Procurement - Shipping

Apr 04, 2023



Special attention should be given to shipping in order to ensure the delivery of goods and equipment is in satisfactory condition.  In addition, all shipments of goods/equipment whether scheduled for immediate use or for delivery to storage, shall be packed/shipped with long term storage in mind.  Packaging/shipping preparations are designed to facilitate safe, environmentally sustainable, expeditious movement, safe arrival and preservation of material being purchased, from the point of origin to the designated project destination. 

Export Packing: The preparation, preservation, unitization, and protection of the materials purchased in order to prevent loss or damage through the international transport supply chain (by road, rail, air, ocean) through long-term storage (minimum 12 months).  Ideally, packing  should be expected to last longer than 12 months…realistic expectations should be between 18-24 months.

Packing List: The shipping document detailing the descriptions of GOODS, shipping configuration of items, number of items contained within any package, dimensions and weights for each package and any other specific requirement by the country of importation (i.e., Contract line-item weight, pricing, et cetera.).

Hazardous Cargo: Dangerous cargo such as explosive, flammable, compressed gas, corrosives, or poisons, must be packed separately from non-hazardous materials.  Contractor will mark dangerous goods precisely and strictly identified in accordance with rules and regulations of the country of origin, as well as the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (IMDG), for ocean freight, or International Air Transport Association Regulations (IATA) for air freight.  Hazardous cargo marking should be clearly visible on all four sides of the crate, etc.

Shipment Release: The official document FROM THE Company (or Freight Forwarder) releasing a shipment from the Contractor for transport.  Cargo shall not be released without official release for shipping notification.

Shipping Control Number: A shipment tracking number assigned by the Company (or Third-Party Logistics Provider) for tracing purposes from Contractor’s facility to the marshaling/laydown yard, or from FOB Port of Departure to the jobsite.

Bill of Lading: Transport carrier’s contract of carriage or manifest detailing the packages or pieces being shipped.

Shipping or Porforma Invoice: Initial invoice listing the purchased line items to be shipped by the Contractor and includes both unit and total values, material classification, description, and is detailed on a line items basis.

Heavy Lift or Oversized Cargo: Generally, heavy lift cargo exceeds 100,000 pounds.  Heavy lift cargo requires long term planning and special handling arrangements before transportation.  Oversized equipment is generally defined as equipment that exceeds 40 feet in length, 8 feet in width, and 8 feet high.




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