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pipeCOVERS- Pipe Protection Covers

Apr 28, 2021




What are P3 pipeCOVERS?

In this video we are going to talk about these guys, pipeCOVERS and how to use them. Our pipeCOVERS keep debris out of your piping system and are a less expensive alternative to plastic covers. These also take up a lot less space in a warehouse because you can easy fold them up. Our pipeCOVERS are great for outside storage because they are UV resistant and will not crack or split. They also work on beveled and threaded pipe, plus they take up about 1/10 the space in your storage area as bulky plastic caps.

Now to apply our pipeCOVERS, we secure them with strips of batROLLS, we talked about this in last week’s video. Check that out if you want some more information. So I am going to slide the pipeCOVER over the open end of the pipe and wrap my batROLL around it keep it tight and secure. And that is it, you’re good to go!

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