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PART ONE- How to understand our part numbers

Jul 14, 2021



 How to read our part numbers!

Starting with our flangeDOT:

“P3” stands for Precision Piping Products.

“FD” is the product line, so FD in this case represents our flangeDOTS.

“035” is the thickness of the material in thousandths of an inch.

“04” is the size of the pipe.

“0” represents the fractional size of the pipe, for example a 1 ¼” pipe has a 1, and 1 ½” pipe has a 2.


Moving on to our flangeDOT+Tag

The Dot+Tag has all the same numbers as the flangeDOTS, but it has one extra indicator at the end. 

“T” and the T represent the Tag.

An important thing to note is that the pressure class does NOT matter when you are selecting the size of your flangeDOT. You only need to know the pipe size!

The only time pressure class rating DOES MATTER is when the flangeDOTS or flangeDOTS+Tag that is 38” and above, because the raised face is not uniform for all pressure classes.





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