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P3 Preservation Guide

Jul 15, 2022


It is important to always protect your equipment and piping systems to ensure that they will operate efficiently and effectively. Below is your guide on how to preserve your piping systems depending on how long you need the assets protected.


Short-Term Preservation

Tools: flangeDOT, batROLLS, flangeMAG, paddleMAG

- Typically short-term preservation lasts for 2-3 months.
- Our tools that are created for short-term preservation provide light impact protection and have VCI in the adhesive to prevent corrosion. 
- These tools work best in applications such as blasting, painting, and fabriction. 


Medium-Term Preservation

Tools: flangeRINGS, flangeCORR, mockGASKET

- Typically medium-term preservation lasts for up to 12 months.
- The tools we created for this provide medium impact protection, weather migitation, as well as follow FME and FOD procedures.
- These tools work best in applications such as shipping, staging, and testing.


Long-Term Preservation

Tools: flangeBUMPER, flangePORTHOLE, flangeBUMPER+Gasket, pipeCOVER  

- Typically long-term preservation lasts for 24 months or longer.
- The tools we created for this type of preservation provide rigid impact protection and keep the pipe interior clean by following FME and FOD procedures.
- These tools work best for long-term storage in a warehouse or laydown yard, as well as protect your assets in harsh weather conditions.

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