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NORM | Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material

May 24, 2022


What is NORM? 

Alright so what is NORM? NORM stands for Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials. It accumulates inside of pumps, wellheads, and vessels in the form of sludge, scale, scrapings, and other waste media. NORM always occurs when you are refining crude oil.

There are always a lot of safety procedures in place to ensure that everyone is safe while NORM is present. Safety procedures such as radiation surveys, exposure limits, warning signs, personal protective equipment, and training guides. One thing you want to ensure is that you keep NORMS contained as much as possible to keep them from escaping the decontamination area.

Since NORM is such a big safety hazard, we have created warning signs on our flangeBUMPERS to inform people that this radioactive material is present. This warning is clear and concise to let everyone know that they need to follow the proper safety procedures during the crude oil refining process.

If y’all would like to have custom safety flangeBUMPERS like these click the link below, fill out the form, and someone from our team will get back to you! 


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