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Inspecting flanges with the P3-GIT

Mar 15, 2022



How to properly inspect flanges using the P3GIT. 

P3- GIT stands for Gramophone Inspection Tool. This simple. effective solution helps you identify weather or not your flanges passes inspection. As you can see this one is used on an 8” flange with either a 150 or 300 lbs pressure class.

The cut-out window mimics where the gasket sealing surface will come in contact with the flange face. The cut-out area is the most critical area for inspection on the flange face. Any damage found in this area could result in possible re-facing. However, any damage on the flange face outside the window is acceptable and will pass inspection. The marks on the side of the GIT are in 10% percent increments that represent the gasket sealing surface. Refer to the asme PCC-1 table for heavy, moderate, and light damage percentages. We are using the GIT to show how a spiral wound gasket would sit on the flange face surface area.

Start by lining up the curved edges of the GIT tool with the raised face of the flange. We are drawing where the gasket would sit on the face to see if the imperfections are on the critical surface area. Next, we are marking visible damage and using to tool to see if it is within the critical gasket sealing surface. If the damage does NOT fall inside the window, then the imperfection would pass inspection.

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