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How to test for VCI

Sep 22, 2021



Testing for VCI

We have a VCI additive in our flangeDOTS, flangeDOTS+Tags, flangeRINGS, and in our batROLLS. Now let’s go see how to test if VCI is present. We are going to start with our Cortec vapor detection solution. The next thing you will need are test strips to dip inside the solution.

First thing we are going to do is grab a product that we want to test, here we have a 2” flangeDOT. You want to start by peeling back the plastic, you do not want to remove it complete because it will hold the test strip against the back.

Next, we take our test strip and dip it inside the Cortec solution. Then we take the strip and lay it down on the adhesive side of the flangeDOT and fold down the plastic backing over the strip. Our test strip starts off  blue, now we just need to let the strip sit on the flangeDOT until it turns pink. When the solution turns pink it indicates that VCI is present in the adhesive. Once the strip turns pink you are ready to protect your flanges! 


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