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How to stop corrosion and flange damage in one simple step

Oct 24, 2019


Neglecting your piping assets can cost you millions in repairs and delays. Now there’s a way to stop corrosion, stop flange damage, and stop debris in piping systems.

The renowned flange protection trusted by the oil and gas industry just got even better with an added vapor corrosion inhibitor (VCI) inside the adhesive. After careful testing, flangeDOTS + VCI is proven to be safe on all stainless steel and specialty metals. Best of all, we’ve made this improvement at no additional cost to our customers.

How it works.

The addition of VCI is designed to reinforce the corrosion protection aspects of flangeDOTS. As soon as a flangeDOT is applied, it will begin to emit the corrosion inhibitor onto the flange face. While flangeDOTS last over 5 years in the field, the VCI properties last up to two years in storage and another two years once applied to the critical machined surface; far surpassing most storage applications.

It’s simple to save money and time.

This innovative improvement to the flangeDOT will not only save you money on expensive corrosion inhibitors, it will also save you and your team time by not having to apply a separate corrosion inhibitor, then waiting for it to dry before applying the flange cover. It’s worth repeating:

  • Save money on expensive corrosion inhibitors.
  • Save a step by not having to apply a separate corrosion inhibitor.
  • Save time from eliminating the dry time prior to applying the flange cover.
  • Just simply peel and stick!

Why flange protection matters.

How many ways can a pipe get damaged? Welding and fabrication, blast and paint, transport and shipping, short- and long-term storage, assembly, and pre-commission testing.

Critical machined surfaces such as flange faces on pipe spools and mechanical equipment must pass inspection before final bolting and commissioning can begin. Discovering an issue during inspection is never fun. Don’t risk a late startup or delivery of your project. It’s time to start a proactive protection and preservation program for your piping system assets.

Stop corrosion. Stop flange damage. Stop debris in piping systems. Discover simple, effective solutions for piping preservation with Precision Piping Products.

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