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How to Pull Jet Line Through a Pipe | WHY IS IT USEFUL?

Mar 01, 2022

How to Pull Jet Line Through a Pipe

Starting off here is our PVC pipe, noticed that our pipe has two bends you want to make sure that when you do something like this that your pipe does NOT have more than six bends. Now here we have our plastic bag and our jet line, and we are going to tie them together. The whole purpose of doing this is to get the get line to the other end of the pipe so that you can pull through a borescope or cleaning equipment. Here we are using a 6in pipe, but for larger bore pipe you can use a trash bag.

So, we place our bag attached to the jet line inside one end of the pipe and make sure that our jet line has plenty of slack so that it can easily get pull through. Then we turn on the shop vac and guide the bag through the pipe until it comes out of the other end. Once you hear that the shop vac has captured the bag and jet line, you can turn it off. Now you would take this jet line and pull through a borescope to inspect the inside of the pipe. We will show you guys how to do this in our next video.

Alright guys that’s it! Make sure that when you are in the field that you are following all HSE safety guidelines.


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