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How to Protect Flanged Connections

Dec 09, 2021


How to Protect Flanged Connections

Starting with our batROLL, this is made of the same material as our flangeDOT. So, it has a VCI additive in the adhesive to prevent corrosion and it leaves behind no adhesive when you remove it. We can also cut it to any thicken that you desire, and you can easily trim it to any length.

Starting with our loose bolted flanged connection that means that the flange has not been fully torqued, we also have a gasket in between them. Next, we are going to pour water over the connection to simulate rainfall. With nothing protecting this connection this water is soaked into the groves of the gaskets and is now all over the flange face, which leads to rust.

Starting over with our flanged connection we are going to take our batROLL and measure how much tape we need. Make sure that you do not tape all the way around, you want to ensure that water has some place to escape if it does happen to get it OR was already inside. Next, we peel off the backing and stick the tape over the gap.

Finally, we take our water and pour it over the connection. As you can see that water runs off on either side but does not touch the gasket or the flange face. Keep in mind that this is only a temporary solution, you would not want to leave this on for long periods of time.  But when you need a quick fix your flanged connections will be protected from the rain!

Alright guys, that’s it!

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