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How to Inspect & Back Blow Pipe

Mar 08, 2022


How to Inspect & Back Blow Pipe

First, we are going to take our jet line and tie it to a rope then we pull the jet line through the other side to get the rope all the way through the pipe. Here are using our GoPro to simulate our borescope. We take our “borescope” and tie it onto the end of the rope. Now we will pull the borescope through our pipe to see how much debris and dirt is inside. As you can see the inside of our pipe is super dirty!

When we make it to the other end our inspection is complete, now we are going to clean out our pipe by blowing out all the debris. We are going to attach our jetting head to a hose hooked up to the compressor. Then we take our rope again and attached it to our hose. Now we go through the same process of pulling the hose through the pipe using the rope.

Once the hose & jetting head is at the other end, we are ready to start cleaning. We are going to turn on our compressor and slowly pull the jetting head through the pipe. As you can see the air is blowing out all the debris and dirt. You may need to pass through the pipe 2 or 3 times to ensure that the inside is completely clean. Once the jetting head reaches the other end, and the inside of your pipe is clean you’re all done! Now your pipe is nice and clean.

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