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How multiNUTS™ Are Transforming Flange Preservation and Protection

Feb 15, 2018

Manufactured by Precision Piping Products (P3)

If protecting and preserving flange faces and pipe system interiors are important to you, you are important to P3. The multiNUT is a remarkable new product that is one more piece of your preservation puzzle. Developed as part of the continued effort to help you reduce damage, reduce cost & keep your project on time, multiNUTS take attaching your flangeBUMPERS to a whole new level.

What makes them remarkable?multinuts

Three sizes of multiNUTS (S, M & L) fit flanges from pipe size 1/2” to 60”, all with ¼” x 20 threads standard, keeping your possible nut-bolt combinations to a minimum. Easy for you to install and remove, multiNUTS securely hold your flangeBUMPER in place. Made from UV resistant black ABS plastic, they can last the life of your project and you can reuse or recycled them. Combine with P3-CI, flangeDOTS®, and flangeBUMPER® and you have the industries best preservation system used by the world’s top EPC’s and fabricators. This system creates an air tight and water tight seal to isolate your piping and mechanical equipment systems from outside elements and contaminants that could compromise its integrity and potentially delay your project. We take “Build it Clean” to the extreme!

How they’re Different

Historically most fabricators, shippers, and preservation engineers attach flangeBUMPERS in one of two ways: zip ties or full-size bolts. Zip ties are fast and easy for you to install. However, most are not UV resistant and as you may have experienced fail after a few months in your storage or laydown yard. Side impacts can shear off zip ties allowing your flange protection to fall off exposing the flange face. Full-size bolts work well but are much more expensive and add weight to your shipments, especially in larger sizes. There is a multitude of sizes of nuts and bolts to fit all different sizes of flanges forcing you to keep large inventories on your projects. multiNUTS, made from black ABS plastic, resists UV degradation and won’t strip or sheer. They have a tapered end which self-centers the flangeBUMPER with a ¼” machine screw. The versatility of three sizes fitting so many different sized flanges with a ¼”-20 machine screw reduces the number of necessary inventory options to complete your preservation projects.

Customers have tested and fallen in love with the mulitNUTS; we have received an overwhelming response of orders for the multiNUTS in recent months. Because of that in December of 2017, we invested in a new eight-cavity mold and two new additional tapping stations as well as extra employees to push out four times the amount of multiNUTS to ensure you get your order when you need it most. Remember, when it comes to flange protection and preservation in the oil and gas industry, “We Gotcha Covered”!

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