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flangePORTHOLE - Clear & Rigid Flange Protection

Dec 02, 2021


What is a flangePORTHOLE?

Our flangePORTHOLE has all the same benefits as our flangeBUMPER+Gasket but the one major advantage to this is that you can still see the flange face once this is applied. The flangePORTHOLE has a half inch gasket that keeps it from touching the flange face and provides ridge impact protection from mechanical damage.

First off, printed on the underside of the product is the pressure class, the pipe size, the product name, and the part number. Now, we are going to ensure that the flange face is clean and then apply our corrosion inhibitor to keep the face from rusting. Here we are using Cortec VpcI-391 and we are applying it going with the grooves of the gramophone. Typically, you must wait at LEAST an hour for the 391 to dry, BUT since the flangePORTHOLE doesn’t touch the flange face we are going to install it right on top.

We are going to start by installing the flangePORTHOLE with our multiNUTS and screws. First, you tighten them by hand and then we follow that with a drill to ensure it is sealed. As you can see that Cortec 391 is undisturbed and now you do not have to waste time waiting for it to dry. And you can see inside the pipe to ensure that there is no contamination inside.

Alright guys that’s it! Make sure that when you are in the field applying these that you are following all HSE safety guidelines.

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